AIPG Information on Current Supply Situation of Gum Arabic

UPDATE (3): 4th June, 2024


Against the background of recent publications and other media coverage,
we would like to emphasize – once again – that all AIPG members
have internal processes in place which involve careful verification
of the economic links of all their suppliers. Furthermore, our Sudanese
AIPG members are used to verifying that all Sudanese partners have
no connection with the army or the militias.



Moreover, it should be noted that the acacia gum, particularly in terms
of harvesting and collecting this raw material and forwarding it in the logistic
chain is a very complex issue which requires specific knowledge
and experience, also with a view to the mandatory compliance with
international food and feed standards. Due to the expertise required,
acacia gum can only be handled by specialized entities and is not of
interest for non-specialized organisations. 



For the reasons mentioned above, acacia gum is not of interest for
procurement activities of any military and/or paramilitary organizations
or individuals. Thus, gum acacia is far beyond from financially contributing
to any party involved in the conflict.




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status 4th June, 2024



AIPG is the international association representing producers, processors and traders in natural tree exudate gums, principally Gum Arabic, Gum Tragacanth, and Gum Karaya.

In 2001, the expanded Association for the International Promotion of Gums was created by a merger of the hitherto existing AIPG and INGAR, the International Natural Gums Association for Research. Today, AIPG is a strong association with members from both producing and consuming countries. Most of the members come from the European Union (EU) and Sahelian African nations, but the United States of America and Japan are also represented. The members work together to further promote the use and image of natural exudate gums in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and technical applications.

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