About us


Who we are

AIPG is the international association representing producers, processors and traders in natural tree exudate gums, principally Gum Arabic, Gum Tragacanth, and Gum Karaya. In 2001, the expanded Association for the International Promotion of Gums was created by a merger of the hitherto existing AIPG and INGAR, the International Natural Gums Association for Research. Today, AIPG is a strong association with members from both producing and consuming countries. Most of the members come from the European Union (EU) and Sahelian African nations, but the United States of America and Japan are also represented. The members work together to further promote the use and image of natural exudate gums in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and technical applications.

How to become a member

Full membership is opened to associations and individual companies involved in natural gums. Associate membership is open to individuals and bodies interested in natural gums. All members are required to follow the objectives and aims of AIPG. Members are expected to apply AIPG's Code of Conduct. For membership application, please be so kind as to contact the secretariat in Hamburg under

Our main objectives

 The main targets of AIPG are to:

  • Safeguard the uses of natural gums as safe food additives and ingredients
  • Defend and promote the production and trade throughout the world
  • Conduct research into new uses and applications
  • Represent regulatory interests of the natural gums industry before various international bodies such as Codex Alimentarius, the European Union, FAO and JECFA and national regulatory bodies
  • Arrange meetings, seminars and publications to disseminate new commercial and scientific information

How we are organised

  • President of the Association:  Mrs. Ulrike Singelmann, Germany
  • Vice Presidents of the Association: Dr. Masayuki Nishino, Japan, and  Dr.. Hashim Yousif Eldigair, Sudan; and Mr. Albachir Ahmat Albougui, Chad
  • Treasurer: Mr. Thorsten Hauser, Germany
  • The AIPG Secretariat is located at WGA (Association of Wholesale- and Foreign Traders) Hamburg, Germany. The Secretary and Legal Adviser is Mr. Lutz Düshop, attorney at law.
  • The Manager Scientific Affairs is Björn-Darjush Buchmann.

The Association is pursuing its work in three sections, i.e. producers/ exporters of gum Arabic; processors/ importers/ brokers of gum Arabic; producers/ importers/ brokers of all other gums such as gum karaya, tragacanth etc.